begin as you mean to go on

here's the game: who has the best opening on track on a debut album? the game was invented when the author couldn't stop singing "he's carrying the wheel" after everytime jonas says "my name is jonas" in stargate. this led to the discovery of the first BAYMTGO song: Weezer's My Name is Jonas

we need a rubric for "best" hence "begin as you mean to go on." there are 2 basic dimensions:

  1. flawless execution of the band's vision
  2. sets expectations perfectly for the band's career

began where they meant to go on

☑️ indicates the triple eponymous debut track, a rare honor


debut album is hard to define sometimes. usually it's labelled that way. if not the rule of thumb is that if the album contains a song that a subsequent "studio debut" it is not the debut album for the purposes of BAYMTGO. this means that singles, and even many EPs and LPs are disqualified, as the debut studio album contains one or more of the songs